Outils de gouvernance

Crédit Agricole, Charte des Données Personnelles
Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Telekom’s guidelines for artificial intelligence
Lab RH, CFE-CGC Charte éthique et numérique RH
MAIF, Pour un monde numérique résolument humain et éthique
Google AI at Google: our principles
EduLab, Data Ethics
SAP, SAP’s Guiding Principles for Artificial Intelligence
ACM, (Association for Computing Machinery) ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
IEEE-CS (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) & ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Software Engineering Code of Ethics
IEEE-CS (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) The IEEE Global iniative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems
Data.world Community Principles on Ethical Data Practices
The Robot of the year The Robot Of The Year principles (Criteria)
Microsoft Microsoft AI principles
Asilomar Conference Asilomar AI Principles
Telefonica AI Principles of Telefónica
PLOS Ten simple rules for responsible big data research
Accenture Universal principles of data ethics
Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage Ethics Framework
AXA Data Protection and Ethics Panel
Google Facebook AI ethics board
Axon Axon AI and Policing Technology Ethics Board
Australian Computer Society National Management Committee
DeepMind DeepMind Ethics & Society
Lucid Ethics Advisory Panel
Microsoft AI and ethics in engineering and research Committee
Machine Intelligence Garage Ethics Committee Ethics Framework
AI Now Institute Public Agency Algorithmic Impact Assessment
Medium (supergovernance) A Canadian Algorithmic Impact Assessment
Government of Canada Treasury Board Directive on Automated Decision Making
Open Data Institute The Data Ethics Canvas
Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) Ethical Guidelines
The European Association for Parliamentary Technology Assessment pre-studies relating to the capabilities and impacts of AI
JF Gagné AI Governance Framework
DATAETHICS Principles and Guidelines for Companies, Authorities and Organisations
United Nations Global Pulse Data innovation risk assessment tool
IEEE Standards Association The Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS)

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