France is AI

France is AI conference à Station F les 17 et 18 octobre 2018 de 9h00 à 18h00

Cette troisième édition a réuni des chercheurs, des entrepreneurs, des CV et des dirigeants pour célébrer l’écosystème français de l’IA.

DAY 1 – October 17th 2018 : Technology and Science – Audience: Developers and Researchers
Keynotes and panels from top AI researchers on Machine Learning, Deep Learning et Reinforcement Learning – and talks from Heads of AI Labs at large corporations incl. Twitter, Huawei, Criteo, Rakuten, Netflix, Facebook, Google, …

DAY 2 – October 18th 2018 : Applications and Society – Audience: Executives, VCs, public officials, AI “curious”…
– The European ecosystem: presentation + discussion
– Discussion on French AI strategy
– Regional initiatives: panel to discuss how regions embrace AI
– China is AI: perspective on the booming Chinese AI ecosystem
– Teaching AI – continuous education: how to empower engineers to upskill w/ AI
– Teaching AI at a young age: case study w/ Magic Makers
AI rethinking industry
– Future Investment Trends and opportunities in AI – VC perspectives
– How a large company is reinventing itself w/ AI? Keynote
– AI rethinking healthcare: panel
– How a large company is reinventing itself w/ AI? Keynote
– AI rethinking transportation: panel
– Cybersecurity: an increasing risk. is AI the solution? panel
– Manufacturing 3.0: the rise of the robot-worker?
AI and Society: impact risks and opportunities
– AI: how our legal framework needs to evolve? panel
– Decision algorithms: the risk of bias for automated decision systems? panel
– Data monopolies: how do we ensure open access to data? panel
– Societal impact: The disappearance of jobs?

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