Develop an ethical framework for responsible use of Artificial Intelligence respecting principles easy to understand and apply at a large scale.


An open library of tools to benchmark, promote the responsible use of AI and check the relevance of the tools over time

Technical tools

Here you will find links to mathematical models and technologies that are used for developing a responsible AI.

Governance tools

Here you will find links to tools that can be put in place in the different organizations doing AI to ensure that the use of AI respects the values and rules of the organization in question (ethical panel, charter, etc.).


Here you will find links to trainings related to responsible AI (university courses, online courses, etc.).

Publications & articles

Here you will find books, scientific articles and other publications on the topic of Responsible AI.

Next conference: Responsible artificial intelligence: tools and governance

Friday 25th of January 2019 8h30 – 13h30
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Dr Cécile Wendling, Group Head of Foresight d’AXA

« L’IA responsable signifie aller au-delà des principes et réfléchir à des engagements concrets à mettre en action. Nous travaillons donc sur une bibliothèque en ligne d’outils d’IA responsable (outils techniques et de gouvernance) »


Paul Marie Carfantan – MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation HEC Paris

« Rendre accessible en un seul clique un ensemble de ressources diverses sur l’IA Responsable est une première étape essentielle à la démocratisation et l’utilisation des réflexions sur l’éthique en IA. Contribuer à cette bibliothèque permet ainsi d’accélérer ces réflexions sur le bien commun en les rendant visibles à tou(te)s. »


François-Marie Lesaffre, Sopra Steria

« AI is a fantastic lever for business efficiency and value. Especially if AI is at its right place and cooperates with humans. I believe the right place of AI is not to be found in technics but in ethics. »

If you know of any tools, you can share your links in the AI Impact open library and become a responsible IA contributor.

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