Retour sur la conférence annuelle 2019 – #1

Review of the 2019 annual conference – #1


On July 8th, our annual conference was held under the high patronage of the State Secretariat for Digital, in the auditorium of the Musée d’Orsay. We had 300 attendees from the digital ecosystem who came to discover results from the collective’s first year as well as our ambitions for next year.


« During this first year, we have shared, learned from one another, held our objectives and laid the basis for our future actions. By encouraging collaboration and diversity within our members, we wish to amplify our actions next year and concretize our initiatives which answer to our challenges created by the development of AI. »

Laurence Lafont, Impact AI’s President & Chief Operating Officer Microsoft France.

Impact AI’s White Paper: A manifest for a collective commitment toward a resposible AI

It gathers our beliefs, commitments and initiatives around a responsible artificial intelligence. It ends with four propositions for a collective commitment towards a responsible use of artificial intelligence with a positive impact that all members have to follow:

  1. Ensure the conditions for a better way to share personal data.
  2. Build conditions for trust.
  3. Encourage inclusive artificial intelligence.
  4. Prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s professions.
You can download the full paper here.

The mapping : a search engine enabling everyone to learn about artificial intelligence

In order to better understand the artificial intelligence that transforms society and jobs, the collective has put online a pilot version of a research engine with programs training in AI, in France and abroad. They are listed by level of training, duration and location. With 85% of professions that don’t exist yet but will by 2030, it is necessary to train today in artificial intelligence to take part in this great technological revolution. Designed as a search engine, this mapping allows you to find the right training program according to your profile. On the one hand, it is aimed at high school students or students looking for a specialized course, on the other hand, to institutions and training organizations.

« The census and the availability on the Impact AI site of all artificial intelligence training is an essential first step in developing French excellence in this field. We are convinced that education and training are essential to an ethical approach to artificial intelligence. » Says Hélène Chinal, Capgemini’s Director of Operations in France, « It is a practical tool for disseminating and sharing information for all audiences, students or professionals, who wish to learn about artificial intelligence. »

Check out the beta version

The Impact AI 2018/2019 promotion: social, innovative and positive projects – LearnEnjoy, Pixis & RogerVoice.

The member companies of Impact AI offer to social entrepreneurs to support their project with human and technical resources. They graciously provide free technology, software or licenses, and direct them towards collaborators adapted to the project.

LearnEnjoy : a tablet to automate the pre-diagnosis of autism disorders.

Pixis : an advanced search engine and a multiplatform conversational assistant to help young people in their career path.

RogerVoice : a solution combining automatic speech recognition and voice intonations for the deaf and hearing impaired.


The responsible AI toolkit

A collaborative and open library for the development of responsible AI: Impact AI published an extensive mapping of resources for the implementation of a responsible AI. Here we lists technical and governance tools and make them available to all, verifying their relevance over time. The open toolkit aims to facilitate the reflection and take action at many levels for every stakeholder. The project is made to evolve in time as more know-how is shared, and new questions and experiences of current and future members of the collective come up in our working sessions and debates.

Discover the online toolkit

The study on the perception of artificial intelligence by the French.

In a context where there is an abundant literature full of binary speeches, overly optimistic or excessively anxious, Impact AI wanted to measure the notoriety and image of artificial intelligence in France. How do the French people perceive AI? What place do they give it? What do they know about it?


Finding those answers was the object of the study conducted by Ifop


You want to join the think & do tank and get involved in the development of a responsible AI?

Find our member form here


About Impact AI: Created in 2018, Impact AI is a think & do tank whose ambition is to shed light on the ethical and societal issues of artificial intelligence and to support innovative and positive projects for the world of tomorrow.

Impact AI members on July 8th 2019 : Accenture, Air France KLM, Altran, AXA, Boston Consulting Group, Brennus Analytics, Capgemini, Christophe Denis, Craft AI, DataExpert, DC Brain, Devoteam, DXC Technology, Econocom, Engie, EPITA, France is AI, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Groupe Bouygues, Groupe Calliope, Groupe Hervé, Groupe VyV, La Poste, Magellan Partners, MAIF, Manpower, Mathilde Aglietta, Microsoft, InVivo, Orange,, PwC, RATP Groupe, Romain Dichampt, Schneider Electric, SKEMA, SNCF, Simplon, Soprasteria, Talan, Telecom Paris, Tell Me Plus, Thales Group, The Adecco Group, Umanis, Vekia.

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